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             Financial Freedom Testimonials


"Paying myself a regular amount has allowed me to know how much money I have available. This is very empowering and real. I was using my business account as my ATM and was not able to put anything aside. I now have a savings account for my business where I put 10% of my earnings from coaching. And,  I am using that money to pay off my taxes instead of being caught every quarter. It's working."  C.M. -- California



"Sharman thanks so much for coming to do your presentation. It was quite a hit with those who attended and has since sparked many interesting conversations. It has certainly motivated many employees, including me, to give more thought to our finances. Thanks again." N.W. -- Ohio

wanted to let you know that I am finally debt free. I attended one of your seminars a little over a year ago, and made up my mind that I was going to get out of debt. I am truly thankful for all of the wonderful tips. Now, I'm looking into investing some money." T.L. -- Florida

 "Excellent seminar, very eye opening!!! Thanks!" K.P. -- Ohio

"We had been trying all of these things at one time or another, but never in such an organized fashion. Working with Sharman really helped us understand how to best use these tools in our situation, and how to stay on top of it all. Thanks Sharman!" L.R. -- Minnesota

"We can't tell you how much we appreciate your financial coaching. After really looking at our financial situation with you, we realized just how over-extended we were.  We sold our overpriced and too high payment condo (it was almost $1,700 a month), and moved to the country house that is $800 a month.  We are now both retired and enjoying the simple life.  We wouldn't have changed our lives without you helping us realize where our money was going in the first place. We let trying to live over our financial means steal away our peace of mind.  We can never thank you enough."  P.M. -- Georgia


"Thank you so much Sharman for this new start. We are energized and completely on a mission." V.P. -- Massachusetts

"I just want to tell you how much I've appreciated your counsel on the envelope system, and the entire conversation process. As you know I am going on a mission trip to Mexico, June through August. The timeliness of this discipline not only helped me prepare for my financial planning for this trip, but overall peace in my life." K.P. -- Arizona

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