Sharman's knowledge of the PCH process is evident just from the services she provides. Ranging from forms and documents to actually more involved visitation orientated approach. Her services would be recommended to save time, resources; overall broadening of knowledge in the PCH industry. ~ F.J.


Thanks Sharman  and I owe it a lot to your help! Thank you soooooo much!  I felt extremely confident after every session. As I usually get all the information I need and more. Sharman is very knowledgeable on this subject, and answered my questions with certainty. I never doubted that I was on the right track.  If it were not for Sharman's PCH consulting services I am sure I would not have received my permit on my very first attempt. I would recommend anyone venturing into this business to consult with her for any information they need to get their business going. ~ K.G.


I got everything I needed at the training. Great information; learned everything I need.                            ~M.B.


It was a great pleasure working with Sharman. She is profess-

ional, knowledgeable, and patient. She took the time out of her busy schedule on the first day to briefly explain things to me. Then after doing business with her over the next few weeks, every fear I had went away. She also provided the materials that will guide you along the way. ~ S.T.


Sharman gave me the tools to be able to pursue my adventure in this environment. She was very easy to talk to and listened attentively. Sharman has a lot of knowledge, and is willing to take what she has learned and experienced to assist others like myself. Thank you for all your assistance. ~ A.W.


Thank you so much! I will definitely be using your services again. ~ L.D.


I liked Sharman's patience in answering questions. She is polite enough to say, "Am I clear? I know this is a lot of information." That helped a lot, because I felt that she really wanted me to understand, not get me off the phone. Sharman's services are the water in the desert land. ~ R.W.


        Purchase Sharman's

"Blueprint for Starting and Running a Personal Care Home"
     ~ By Sharman Lawson          


- Steps to Complete Application
- Policy & Procedure Manual
- Home Inspection Checklist
- 15 Forms
- 4 Weeks of Menus


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         More Information

I felt more confident because  Sharman opened my eyes regarding the care home business. I will recommend Sharman pch consulting service to others, because she is straight forward with the truth.
~ F.T.







Personal Care Home and Group Home Consulting Services   

   Sharman G. Lawson will help you start a personal
       care home business. Call us at 770-966-1639.

                       BUSINESS CONSULTANT 

Standard manuals are thorough, researched, and detailed. They have passed inspections in many states.  The standard manual can be used "as is" or customized content added based on state's checklist and rules. Standard manuals are delivered via email in MS Word format within 24-hours. 

Personal Care Home Manual:
45 Pages / 26 Categories

Some of the 26 Categories in Manual Include:
- Complaints and Incidents
- Emergency Disaster Preparedness Plan
- Behavior Crisis Protocol
- Transfer and Discharge Process
- Medication Admission Process
- Proxy Statement
- Prevention and Control of Infections
- Facility Rules
- and many more...

View Sample Here

Investment: $675

Group Home/CLA Manual:  54 Pages / 30 Categories

Some of the 28 Categories in Manual Include:
- Governing Body
- Staff Training
- Quality Assurance and Control
- Individual Goals and Outcomes
- Management and Professional Personnel
- Organizational Chart
- Disaster Preparedness Plan
- Medication Process
Medical and Adaptive Devices
- Prevention and Control of Infections
- Reporting Abuse
- and many more...

View Sample Here

Investment: $675

Home Health Care Manual:
50 Pages / 29 Categories
                                            (non-medical manual)

Some of the 29 Categories in Manual Include:
- Policy for Administrative Governing Authority
- Board Procedure
- Scope and Delivery of Care
- Staff Training
- Emergency Protocol Procedures
- Clinical Records and Documentation
- Medication Management
Strategies for Improving Client Care
- Client's Bill of Right
- Notice of Privacy Practices
- and many more...

View Sample Here

Investment: $675

NOTE: Skilled nursing manual available - call for details

Customized manuals are needed when state rules and regulations and policy and procedure manual checklist has additional topics, questions, and categories over and above the standard manual. 

Option #1: Pay $35 per question that is not in standard manual. For example, if there are 10 questions not in standard manual that need to be added, that will be $35 x 10 = $350 + $675 = $1,025.

Option #2
: Pay a flat fee of $1,600 if your state's checklist has over 20-25 additional new questions than the standard manual. 

For Option #1 or #2, the price includes research based on specific policy rules/regulations and checklist for a specific state, phone calls, development, layout, and writing of content.  For Option #1 call to be invoiced via paypal and to verify exact number of questions to be charged for.

If forms are needed or required in your state's checklist to complete the policy and procedure manual. Forms are an extra cost. (click here to view forms and pricing)

Investment: $1,600

- Email or fax state policy and procedure checklist
- Email or fax "any and all" documents you want used for research, to include in manual, or as template
- We'll review to determine cost and relay total cost to you
- You pay 50% of cost for to start project
- Manual should be completed within 10 business days
- Second 50% payment due before receiving first draft
- Draft manual in pdf format -- changes/corrections made
- Final/approved manual delivered in MS Word format

It is your responsibility to make sure we have "all" documents/materials to do customized manual at the beginning when starting project, not after the fact. New materials will not be accepted after first draft is delivered.

NOTE: After you approve and receive "final" manual, you have 60 days to receive one free amendment, change content, or update content to your manual. 

If you purchase a manual you can also purchase 15 forms "discounted" at $450 to complete your package (CLICK HERE to see and purchase forms). 

Also, if you do not need a complete manual you can pay for topics "per page." Per page the cost is $35 each.


50% of fee required to start project and 50% of fee due before you receive "first draft."  First manual draft will usually be completed within 10 business days.

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