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This training was very informative. I am in a better place to start my business because a lot of months of research time is saved. ~ R.E.


Thank you so much!! I'm just so thankful I found you when I did. The class was extremely informa-
tive and I enjoyed meeting other individuals on the same destination as myself. 

~ K.K.


I'm leaving the training feeling more confident. I feel the training was worth the investment. I would recommend this training to others.   ~ A.N.


I got everything I needed at the training. Great information; learned everything I need.  ~ M.B.


The training was very informative. I walked away from the training with a wealth of information. I feel confident that I can run a successful PCH. ~ M.M. 


After training I have confidence in the process and the tools to move forward after attending the training. Thanks your help has been priceless! ~ W.F.


 Thank you so much! I will definitely be using your services again. ~ L.D.


Thanks again for all of your help. I really enjoyed your class and learned so much. You are truly a blessing.
~ J.W.


Feeling more confident on starting the pch.  There were gaps and missing documents before I did the boot camp.  Now I can complete the forms.  ~ G.H.


A better understanding of operating and starting a pch.  Thank you.  ~ J.P.


Walked away with very good information to help me start my personal care home with success.
~ B.H.


 A vast of information to make me confident to open and expand my business. ~ J.W.






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8-Hour Boot Camp Training  

                 Blueprint to Run a Care Home

                 Care Consulting and Training, LLC
       will help you start a state licensed care home                     business.  Call us at 770-966-1639 

4-Classes -2-Hours Each Session
Including a 55 Page Handbook

8-Total Hours
of Audio Hands-on Training in MP3 Format

Interested in starting and running a licensed residential care home, group home, or adult day care facility in your state?   If the answer is yes, our 8-hour audio boot camp training along with our training materials is what you need.   You may be a doctor, nurse, cna, or just work in the healthcare industry, but caring for patients and running a care home business are two different things. 

Our 8-hour boot camp training will allow you to gain immediate knowledge and confidence to know and understand the admissions process, medication process, what to charge residents, pay staff, schedules, mistakes to avoid and so much more.  

Benefits:  This training benefits you because you will no longer walk around frustrated, feeling like you are spinning your wheels and still knowing nothing after you are licensed.   This training answers at least 98% of your questions as a care home provider.  

This training is priceless!!!

Topics Covered over 8-Hours


1 - Identifying expenses.  Discover useful resources and eliminate wasteful spending in order to free up extra money to build a financial reserve, expand your business, and pay off new and future debts. 

2 - Steps to repair credit, business tax breaks and benefits, and making the most of your business in order to create wealth. 

3 - Create an operating budget.  Identify how much you need to operate each week, month, and year.  Learn how to make your spending plan (budget) a living document that is active and used to control cost.

4 - How to treat your business like a business.  Get the vision to build an enterprise by creating multiple streams of income.  Learn how to create a strategic plan to expand your dream of owning and operating multiple income streams.


Why start and open a personal care home?

County rules and regulations and getting past them

Hiring of staff, orientation, training, and average staff pay

How to get residents and market your facility

How much to charge a resident

Checklist and process for admitting a new resident

Required forms and documents needed for a licensed facility

Required assessment and choosing a good fit for your facility

How to run and operate your business daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

What should happen a week before a resident moves in?

What happens first 30 days of moving in a new resident?

Medication administration management

Resources to help owner and resident

Being the owner, operator, and boss

Mistakes to avoid with staff, family, residents, and state

Training Includes:

  • Total of 8-Hours of audio training facilitated by our senior consultant
  • 55 page training handbook in PDF emailed to your inbox - Priceless 
  • A 12-month projected budget for expenses and revenue in Excel
  • You will receive a training certificate for 8-hours of training with the curriculum

This boot camp training is free for those that have purchased one of our "consulting programs."  See consulting programs.

After you participate in our boot camp you will have the tools and information you need to run and operate your care home facility.  You will be without excuse. Our boot camp training will provide you with confidence in knowing you can effectively compete with other facilities in your local area.

PAY $999 OR Free for Consulting Program Members

Comes with 8-Hours of Audio in MP3 format and a 55-Page Handbook (PDF Format) delivered to your Inbox via email. 

Email:  OR 
Call:  770-966-1639