A way to manage life, money, and business
The Benefits of Coaching with Sharman...
FINANCIAL CLARITY - Move forward and develop your financial vision and goals.
  • Strategic "powerful" goals that you will be held accountable to meet.
  • A focused action plan that promises results.
  • No more anxiety, stress, guilt, worry, but confidence and financial peace.
  • New habits: eliminate debt, track money; eliminate wasteful spending.
  • New outcomes: no more overdrafts, sleepless nights; collection calls.  
  • Freedom and joy while living your life using "cash not credit."
  • The ability to realize your financial goals to save, invest, and give.
  • A personal mentor and "cheerleader" supporting and guiding you.
  • A lifestyle you love and the financial freedom you envisioned.
  • Financial confidence, empowerment, and a new passion for living.

  You will move from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow 


Working as a Co-Creative Team, We Work on Three Areas to Change Your Financial Situation to Eliminate Debt
 Mindset, Habits, Spending

Your Return on Investment:

    • Support - Accountability, guidance; direction through 1:1 coaching
    • Accountability - Scheduled calls to document continuous progress
    • Forward-Thinking - New financial outlook, focus, and insight
    • New Behavior - "New habits" that create a financial transformation
    • New Mindset - "New money thoughts" create new behaviors and results
    • New Outlook - A vision for zero debt, savings, investments, and to give
    • New Outcomes - Better sleep, no anxiety, no guilt, and more money 

How to get the best results:

In order to get the best results you need to be ready for financial change, and
to do the work to make change happen.  Are you ready to give a 100% to get new results? Change takes work, action, and time. As a    coach I will support, guide, and keep you accountable towards your goals. Having a coach is an investment    in you, your dreams, and your financial future.  Being able to reach your goals and dreams is priceless. 

Process to get started today:
Decide which coaching plan you want. Pay via paypal using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or an e-check. Once payment is received, we will personally contact you, schedule a coaching date and time, send a welcome packet, and pre-work materials.  Coaching sessions can be done in my office if local, via phone, skype, central location, email, fax. Call  770.966.1639 to get started today.

For as little as
$200 you can get started and change your finances today.

Your Investment:

2-hour "Tune up" Coaching Session - $200 - 1:1 coaching used for one session.

Coaching Plan - $450 - 4 hours of 1:1 coaching over 30-days. First session is usually 1.5 hours. Comes with below "Other Benefits."

90-Day "Revelation" Coaching Plan - $1,250 - 12 hours of 1:1 coaching over 90-days. Each session is 45-minutes. First session is usually 1.5 hours. Comes with below "Other Benefits."

Other Benefits:
    • Free - Unlimited emails to get answers to pressing questions
    • Free - Two 10-minute calls per month to answer pressing questions
    • Free - Pre-work, handouts, homework, exercises, and action plan
    • Free - Copy of my e-book - "12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever"

NOTE: All "Other Benefits" come with coaching plan as long as you are in program.

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