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A way to manage life, money, and business
What makes Sharman G. Lawson qualified?

At 32 years old Sharman and her husband got a vision to pay off all their debt including their mortgage. When Sharman was 36 they accomplished that goal. Sharman quit her full-time job, started a business, and begin providing seminars teaching others how they could have freedom through debt-free living.


  - Business owner for over 15 years. 
  - Author of published book "
12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever."
  - Over 14 years experience as a speaker/trainer and coach.
  - Certified Coach through
Coach Training Alliance.
  - Certified Human Behavior Consultant through
Personality Insights.
  - Have been featured in local and national print media.  
  - Have been interviewed on radio and television throughout U.S.
  - Published articles in local and national media publications.  
  - Speaker/presenter at corporations, schools, nonprofits; churches.
  - Expert-level with money, debt elimination, and financial freedom.
Is to set people free from the bondage of bad credit, high interest rates, spiraling debt, and money mismanagement.
The Truth:
You can hire anyone to teach you about money, personal finances, financial planning, or even how to live debt-free. My question to you: does your adviser, coach, or presenter walk-the-talk and live a debt-free lifestyle? 
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                        Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
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Coaching sessions can be done in my office if local, via phone, skype, or an agreed upon central location. 

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